Sunday, September 6, 2009

Airplane Manners

Dear Good Manners Devotees':

Today I am squeezing in a quick post between weeding and making a salad to bring to a picnic to which the Good Manners Family is invited.

(I trust that many of you won't even be around to read this because you have your own days filled with home chores and picnics over this holiday weekend!)

My topic today: airplane manners.

The Good Manners Aunt and Uncle suggested this topic after traveling this summer. And if you have ever flown even just once, you will certainly agree on this bad manners point.

It's not the obvious bad manners -- the person behind you kicking the seat, or the person in front of you reclining back into your lap, or (I can't even bear to think about them) the bathrooms -- but a basic common sense courtesy.

Waiting your turn when disembarking the plane.

Why people can't wait until the people in front of them get off the plane is beyond me!

We experienced this ourselves after a seven hour flight during which we were part of a chaperon group for 30+ children. (Believe me, if anyone wanted to run screaming from the plane, it was I!) But we waited patiently while the people in front of us got their personal effects together and walked down the aisles. Then we got pushed to the side, stumbling back into the seats when people behind us weren't able to wait their turn.

Here is what makes me laugh every time: we always see the same person/people who couldn't wait their turn to get off the plane waiting at the baggage claim where we all get our luggage at the same time.

(Dear Good Manners Devotees', I must admit that we do allow ourselves a gleeful "Ha!" Is that bad manners?)

So they've made the whole disembarking process uncomfortable and more time consuming for everyone -- for no reason!

Here's hoping on our next flight the passengers all wait their turn, resulting in a faster disembarking for everyone!

Until I blog again,


P.S. Next blog, I think I'll be switching gears from people to pet manners! Woof, woof!

P.P.S. If anyone wants an idea for a tasty summer salad, combine corn and edamame along with minced red onion, salt and pepper and your favorite vinagrette.

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