Sunday, May 16, 2010

Concert etiquette

Dear Manners Aficionados,

This week we attended the younger Good Manners Daughter's Middle School Spring Concert. As you can imagine, some parts were pretty good and some parts were maybe not quite as good. But the children enjoyed themselves and the families were pretty proud.

It was close to two hours, however, and after working all day (or going to school), and sitting on uncushioned auditorium folding chairs -- well, you can imagine just how tired and uncomfortable we all were. And, how people might want to slip out once their child's part was finished.

(There were performances by 3 choirs, 3 bell choirs, a jazz band, a regular band, an orchestra and the string ensemble.)

The Good Manners Family wasn't able to get there early so we were seated in the far back. By the end of the concert there was a sea of empty rows in front of us. We were tempted to move up but realized we would be able to slip out the doors in the back to meet the Good Manners Daughter faster at the end if we stayed put. Also, she was not in the last couple of performances so we didn't need to get closer to see her at that point.

But we did stay (as much as we were tempted) because it's only fair that all the children get the same audience to perform for that the earlier ones did. And get the same applause and appreciation of their hard work.

So, I hope, Dear Manners Aficionados, if you're attending concerts this spring, that, whenever possible, you grin and bear it until the bitter end. Who knows what future musical star you might be encouraging with your support!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

New children's manners book, and deer repellent

Dear Eager Etiquetters:

May I ask for your opinion to this manners question?

Is it good manners to spray deer repellent on the plants that edge the fence/wall where your neighbors are having dinner outside with guests? (Just in case you aren't familiar with deer repellent, it isn't Glades Country Apple scented. Not at all.)

Now, let's put that deer question aside for now while I fill you in on the bad and good news that's been going on in the Good Manners Household.

The bad news is that since February I've been plotting and planning to do some website renovations to Good Manners Kids Stuff -- to include our new line of plates and spruce things up -- but it is now May and I still haven't gotten to it!

The good news is that I have been able to publish our latest manners book, "It's Time for Good Manners!" and it went live this week! (You can see its blue cover on the side of the blog.)

The book is really cute; it helps children realize that it's time for good manners all day long while also showing them how to tell time. They follow Torie, Tad, Tyler and Tessa during their busy day doing activities and school and play dates and sports just like they do. There is a different clock design for each page and the children get the chance to draw on them and also draw their own designs. It's a perfect combination of story book and work/coloring book.

(Our Good Sportsmanship Book has been really popular this Spring Sports Season, which has been good news, too!)

Before I leave you, Dear Eager Etiquetters, I hope that you've come up with the correct answer to my question: that it is NEVER good manners to spray deer repellent on plants next to where your neighbors are having dinner.

So, please -- even if you're in a high deer populated area, and you love, love, love your plants -- resist the urge to spray until the coast is clear!



P.S. I was going to discuss Prom Shenanigans -- but I think I'll save that topic for my next post!