Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whoopie Cushions and Good Manners

Dear Bad Manners Devotee':

(Did I get that accent mark typed in correctly?)

Today I pose an important question to you: can whoopee cushions and good manners co-exist peacefully in the same sentence?

I would suggest as long as you use the whoopee cushion appropriately, with friends and family who will not be (too) embarrassed when they emit a certain recognizable noise when they sit unsuspectingly down, then whoopee!

If you think friends and family might be too faint of heart to survive the noise and embarrassment, then the whoopee cushion should probably be kept in a safe place where it can be retrieved at a moment's notice should appreciative guests arrive.

Another whoopee cushion etiquette point: when the opening gets too full of saliva from frequent blowing up, it is not good manners to offer it to someone else to blow up. Yuck! Why not check out the automatically inflating whoopee cushions they sell for some spit-free fun.

See? Whoopee cushions and good manners CAN co-exist in the same sentence as long as you follow those simple points of finer whoopee cushion etiquette.



P.S. My younger Good Manners Daughter wanted me to add that whoopee cushions help teach good manners because you learn to say "pardon me" or "excuse me" whenever you sit on one! What a fantastic, versatile good manners tool it is!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

voteearth Strafford, Pennsylvania

Dear Good Manners Aficionado,

The Good Manners Family is participating in Earth Hour. We turned all of our lights off at 8:30.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Manners need Good Words

Dear Good Manners Aficionado,

I writing you today about a link I added to my Blog over the weekend that shares a new word with us every day.

You might wonder why I added it? (Honestly, it took me so long to figure out how to add it, I almost didn't!) So, why did I add it? Well, an important part of good manners can be finding the perfect word to use, to convey the perfect tone and sentiment.

Word choice can really made a difference. Take, for example, the following sentence:

"Thank you for the nice dinner."

Now, consider this:

"Many thanks for having us over for such a fabulous dinner! Not only was the chicken delicious and the dessert scrumptious, but it was wonderful to finally get to spend time with such close friends."

See what I mean? So much more meaningful the second way.
And that reminds me -- I'd better send that "thank you" out right away or risk becoming the Bad Manners Mom.

See you in Blog Land soon,


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Obliviousness at the movies

Dear Reader,

For my latest post I want to share what happened yesterday when Good Manners Dad, one of the Good Manners Daughters and I went to the movies to see the latest Witch Mountain movie with The Rock and the girl from Bridge to Terabithia. (I can't watch that without crying!)

The theatre was not very full. In fact, there were only 5 other people in there. Because it's one of those mega-plexes, all of us were seated very far away from each other.

But don't you know, during the previews, a couple came and sat right in front of us. Right in front of us.

Now, I have to wonder -- were we just invisible in the dark? Or were they just oblivious? We had to shuffle ourselves around because they blocked Good Manner's Daughter's view of the screen, so I'm sure they heard us.

Of course it's a free country -- you can sit anywhere you want in a theatre (when you don't have an assigned seat). But when it is 97% empty, to choose to sit right in front of someone just seems like it was done on purpose.

What do you think?

Looking forward to blogging you later,


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

publishing technorati link

Dear Reader, I am publishing a link of a web search site for blogs

Technorati Profile

Hopefully this will expand my readership!

Blog you later,


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bad manners at the Boat Show

Dear Reader,

Today the Good Manners Family visited the Boat Show where we saw Twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel. I had never seen or heard of Twiggy before but apparently she's been all over television and traveling the Boat Show and other circuits for years. (Very cute on her little water skis wearing a little red life jacket, but Twiggy didn't cooperate much at the 2:00 show.)

Good Manners Dad dreams of owning a boat. We did plenty of window shopping but left empty handed, which was a good thing because we currently have nowhere to keep one and nowhere to easily sail one. But maybe one day Good Manners Dad's dream will come true and he'll know exactly which boat to get.

Our observation: The Boat Show brings out some of the most clueless, oblivious rude behavior in people, ever. Every single time we were on a boat with a cabin, we would wait and wait and wait while the people who where in the cabin sat on the bunks, opened the doors and cupboards, checked out the microwave, looked in the refrigerator, sat on the bunk again, looked in the bathroom, sat on the bunk again, looked where to mount the flat screen TV (I love TV as much as anyone but if you're sitting underwater in a dark cabin watching TV while your boat is sailing across a lake, river or sea --something is wrong with that!), looked in the bathroom, sat on the bunk -- all of this activity in a space that was about 4 x 6 feet big. And never noticed us or others waiting until a good 8 - 10 minutes had passed. Consequently, we didn't get in many cabins -- didn't want to miss the Twiggy Show while we were waiting!

Now, I know that people are allowed to spend as much time as they want in and on the boats. But a little consideration of others when everyone wants to do the same thing wouldn't hurt.(The woman at the Lemonade Smoothie Funnel Cake Stand was rude to the Good Manners Daughters, too, when they asked what was in the Banana Berry Smoothie --Duh, bananas and berries, she said to them -- and we still actually paid her!)

But all in all, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon together as a family.
Until I blog again, take care.