Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whoopie Cushions and Good Manners

Dear Bad Manners Devotee':

(Did I get that accent mark typed in correctly?)

Today I pose an important question to you: can whoopee cushions and good manners co-exist peacefully in the same sentence?

I would suggest as long as you use the whoopee cushion appropriately, with friends and family who will not be (too) embarrassed when they emit a certain recognizable noise when they sit unsuspectingly down, then whoopee!

If you think friends and family might be too faint of heart to survive the noise and embarrassment, then the whoopee cushion should probably be kept in a safe place where it can be retrieved at a moment's notice should appreciative guests arrive.

Another whoopee cushion etiquette point: when the opening gets too full of saliva from frequent blowing up, it is not good manners to offer it to someone else to blow up. Yuck! Why not check out the automatically inflating whoopee cushions they sell for some spit-free fun.

See? Whoopee cushions and good manners CAN co-exist in the same sentence as long as you follow those simple points of finer whoopee cushion etiquette.



P.S. My younger Good Manners Daughter wanted me to add that whoopee cushions help teach good manners because you learn to say "pardon me" or "excuse me" whenever you sit on one! What a fantastic, versatile good manners tool it is!

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