Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Manners need Good Words

Dear Good Manners Aficionado,

I writing you today about a link I added to my Blog over the weekend that shares a new word with us every day.

You might wonder why I added it? (Honestly, it took me so long to figure out how to add it, I almost didn't!) So, why did I add it? Well, an important part of good manners can be finding the perfect word to use, to convey the perfect tone and sentiment.

Word choice can really made a difference. Take, for example, the following sentence:

"Thank you for the nice dinner."

Now, consider this:

"Many thanks for having us over for such a fabulous dinner! Not only was the chicken delicious and the dessert scrumptious, but it was wonderful to finally get to spend time with such close friends."

See what I mean? So much more meaningful the second way.
And that reminds me -- I'd better send that "thank you" out right away or risk becoming the Bad Manners Mom.

See you in Blog Land soon,


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