Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't say anything if you can't say anything nice!

Dear Loyal Fans of Good Manners,

As I have -- thankfully -- no bathroom or kitchenette issues to share with you tonight, I thought I'd give my blog a little redesign. I'm not much of a techno-wiz but I went in and changed the template and the colors -- and I actually think it turned out okay! What do you think of it?

I guess that's a loaded question. I mean, what can you really say? It's like when I ask the Good Manners Dad/Husband how I look and he says fine.

Or when I tell the Good Manners Daughters that they absolutely must not turn their nose up at some exotic food that they are offered and absolutely not say "I don't like xyz" to the person's face.

It's such a fine line between lying (oh, so harsh -- let's say fibbing) and showing people respect.

I remind myself all the time that if I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all. But sometimes, I admit, Dear Good Manners Fan, I do slip up.

Oh, not about the exotic food (I can rearrange the food on my plate to fool the best of them).

But maybe I've tried to give constructive advice ... and it backfires. Sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes. Okay ... in fact, it does almost all the time with the older Good Manners Daughter.

She's a teenager. Let's just say that we're both going through some growing pains. (Oh, it was so much easier when she was cute and little -- and thought I was always right! Because I was. Aren't I still?)

I just want to make things easier for her than it was for me growing up. So she can benefit now -- instead of years from now -- from what I learned the hard way. Dear Readers -- don't we all want what's best for our children?

But I need to remember that I need to respect her instead of instruct her (or criticize her, as she says). First thing tomorrow I'm going to practice biting my tongue when I think I know best. Really, I am. (Even when it's clear that I do know best.)

So, back to the beginning -- my loaded question about what you think of my new blog design? Don't feel like you have to tell me it's fine (like Good Manners Dad/Husband might). But I hope you'll feel free to comment about anything else or sign up for an email feed to keep in touch. Or become a follower. I'd love to have you.

Until I blog again,


P.S. If you didn't come from my site you can click here and check it out. And, if your children are interested in sports, you might like to check out my new blog that I've just started to share information to help children be good sports.

1 comment:

  1. It is the first time I come by your site and since I happen to find this post I want to comment on something I realized firsthand as soon as I oppened it: My eyes hurt (seriously, im not over-reacting, I find your blog interesting but i have to see somwehere else every once in a while to avoid getting my eyes too tired).

    I believe you should choose a more appropriate non-contrasting formula or colors, may I suggest white text on blue+baby blue backgound with possibly orange headelines?.. Just anything that doesn't vibrate this much because my eyes get tired after reading the regular text a while.

    Advised by a graphic designer, sensed by a regular near-sighted person.

    Thanks and hope you don't mind the comment, if you take it in account feel free to erase it =P