Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friendly Wave -- Part 2

Dear Good Manners Fans,

I write to you tonight with an addendum to my earlier post, The Friendly Wave. (Quite a fancy word -- addendum -- perhaps I shall call it an addition instead!)

As you may remember, Good Manners Dad and the Good Manners Daughters are always disappointed when he lets other cars out into traffic and he doesn't receive a Friendly Wave as his thank you.

I can't tell you how many comments I've received from people with whom I shared the Good Manners Mom Blog who themselves experience this rudeness and lack of good manners -- and they are just as mystified as the Good Manners Family. And like the Good Manners Family, they don't let their annoyance get the better of them -- every day brings a new opportunity for us all to let a traffic-challenged motorist out -- and hope that this time there will be a Friendly Wave or Nod or Smile in return.

While I was glad, of course, that they had enjoyed my post, that is not the reason for my post tonight, Dear Fans. No. My Addendum, or Addition, is to share a word of warning from the Good Manners Family's neighbor.

Good Manners Neighbor never gets a Friendly Wave, either. But she doesn't let that stop her from letting people out at crowded intersections. She cautions, however, that when letting people out, to make sure the path is clear for them the other way.

She learned the hard way that the driver often pulls out without checking it himself because he seems to think that you've given him the all clear rather than just giving him the opportunity to turn or pull out before you do.

I know, I know, so much responsibility suddenly lands in your lap when all you're trying to do is a good deed. So not only do I have to let them out, you think, I have to make sure they don't get hit by someone else? Is it really worth it?

Yes, it is. Because hopefully someday someone will let you out at that bad traffic spot. Just remember to check the other direction first before you turn!

Until my next post, drive safely and wave responsibly, Dear Good Manners Fans!


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